Intro to Systems Thinking for Entrepreneurs

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In this introduction, Brian walks through some of the most important lessons he’s taught to new Clients over the last few years.

You’ll learn the most important concepts of systems thinking including how to properly define what a system is, the key attributes of all systems, and how systems thinking can help you in your business.

You’ll get exposure to the concepts of systems thinking using the human body as an analogy then see how systems in the human body are just like systems in your business.

After learning about the different key attributes and systems in the body, you’ll learn about breaking your own business down into systems just like the human body is broken down into systems.

The course finishes up covering some of the most important points that all systems share which will give you a deeper understanding of how the different pieces of your business work.

Need extra help implementing something from the course into your business? Brian is available for consultation!

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