Team Audit

With a team audit, I will work with you to paint a picture of your current team, the work that they’re doing, and areas of improvement and realignment.

I will work with you one on one to establish an understanding of current state and help you identify where your biggest gaps are and plan for you which resources should be hired next.

You’ll go through three calls with me over a few weeks and will receive a final report out with recommendations at the end.

You’ll also get lifetime access to the Optimize For Outcomes course and the Time Studies for Entrepreneurs course.


Team Audit

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Do you have the team in place needed to carry your business forward?

How do you know the next hire to make?

If you don’t feel confident in your answer to these questions, I can help you with a team audit.

I’ll dissect your business, current business systems, and any current staff you have. From there, I’ll be able to build you a comprehensive plan that will help you better understand the team that you have and compare that with the team that you need.

I’ll help you understand where your team needs realignment. I’ll also help you understand where you can gain efficiencies in your business through additional projects and hires.

As part of this process, we’ll have three calls together.

Call 1 – We’ll discuss the framework of your current business and resources. I’ll want to understand employees in your business today (if any) as well as freelancers, contractors, or vendors that you might be using today to augment your staff. You’ll be asked to do a time study to prepare for our next call.

Call 2 – We’ll review the results of the time study and apply what we learn to the plan going forward. We’ll discuss options for eliminating, consolidating, and automating the existing work happening.

Call 3 – This will be a final review and report out. I will deliver a final report that will include all of my findings as well as recommendations for the future.

This audit will give you the knowledge and information needed to know that your team is well positioned for success in the future and give you a people plan to continue to develop and improve your business.