Scaling with Brian

Are you stuck trying to scale your business?

Whether you’re just trying to get started and are unsure where to begin or if you’ve been trying to scale your business but not achieving the outcomes you were hoping to get to, I can help!

I’ve helped companies of all sizes in all industries get more effective, efficient, and productive. I do this by applying systems thinking and process improvement methodologies to increase focus, cut waste, and remove the roadblocks that are keeping your business from scaling.

This frees up the resources and capacity needed to focus on growing your business in a stable and profitable fashion and gives you more of the outcomes you want and need for long term success.

With this program, I’ll work with you one on one to help get your business effective and efficient. Then we’ll start scaling. I’ll be there every step of the way over the three months to ensure you reach your goals.


Scaling with Brian

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In this program, Brian will be working with you one on one to optimize and scale your business.

You’ll have a series of calls over the course of 12 weeks that will first focus on understanding and (if needed) improving the effectiveness of your business.

After that, Brian will work with you on improving the efficiency of your business. He’ll help you optimize your business systems, meaning you’ll spend less to get more results in the most important areas of your business.

Once Brian has helped you improve the efficiency of your business, you can start to scale in a way that will provide you greater returns and get you better outcomes.

Brian will be there to help you if problems arise.

Call 1 – Brian will work with you to define or review your desired Ultimate Outcomes. He’ll also work with you to establish your goals and establish some baseline measurements. You’ll be asked to identify the 4-12 systems that are core to your business.

Call 2 – Brian will dive into the 4-12 core systems that make your business what it is. You’ll work together with Brian to identify general workflow and pain points. You’ll be asked to complete a time study in your business.

Call 3 – Brian will review results of the time study with you. Brian will also review with you his Business Systems Map and begin putting your business into this framework. You’ll be asked to identify gaps where systems are missing in your business.

Call 4 – You’ll work with Brian to review gaps and missing systems in your business. Brian will talk through the most important areas that need attention before you should actively work to scale your business.

Calls 5-11 will be focused on iterating through improvements to your business systems.

Call 12 – A final review will be provided with a report on all work completed and progress to date. You’ll also receive a customized set of follow up items and suggestions for further improvement.

Call 13 – To be used when you desire anytime after completing the 12th call. You can save this for future problems, use it to do a review later on, or discuss new challenges you want Brian’s help on. When and how you use it is up to you!

You’ll also receive lifetime access to Brian’s courses Optimize For Outcomes, Intro and Advanced Systems Thinking, and Time Studies for Entrepreneurs and any future courses that Brian publishes.