Scaling Readiness Audit

If you’re getting ready to scale your business or if you have started but aren’t making the progress you want to make, Brian will help you understand where your business is at to get you on the right track.

You’ll have four conversations over the course of a few weeks that will give you new perspectives on what’s happening in your business and where you need to improve effectiveness and efficiency to successfully scale.

You’ll also receive lifetime access to a number of Brian’s courses including the course on time studies, optimizing for outcomes, and systems thinking for entrepreneurs.


Scaling Readiness Audit

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If you want to save time, energy, money, and frustration, Brian will help you do that with a Scaling Readiness Audit.

Brian will have four calls with you over the course of a few weeks, diving into your business operation today.

With each call, you’ll gain a better understanding of the areas of your business you should improve today before you try and scale your business.

Call 1 – Brian will work with you to define or review your desired Ultimate Outcomes. He’ll also work with you to establish your goals and establish some baseline measurements. You’ll be asked to identify the 4-12 systems that are core to your business.

Call 2 – Brian will dive into the 4-12 core systems that make your business what it is. You’ll work together with Brian to identify general workflow and pain points. You’ll be asked to complete a time study in your business.

Call 3 – Brian will review results of the time study with you. Brian will also review with you his Business Systems Map and begin putting your business into this framework. You’ll be asked to identify gaps where systems are missing in your business.

Call 4 – You’ll work with Brian to review gaps and missing systems in your business. Brian will talk through the most important areas that need attention before you should actively work to scale your business.

After the last call, Brian will prepare and deliver a customized report for your business that will include all of the artifacts created along the way as well as a detailed improvement list for your business.

You’ll also have access to several courses related to understanding and improving your business. This includes Brian’s flagship course, Optimize For Outcomes, as well as courses on systems thinking and time studies.