Optimize For Outcomes - Step by Step with Brian

Work with Brian one on one over an eight to twelve week period to implement systems thinking across your business and make meaningful improvements that will help you Optimize For Outcomes.


Optimize For Outcomes - Step by Step with Brian

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This program is designed for entrepreneurs and business owners that are looking to overhaul their entire business and have me along to help.

For the established business owner, this program will help you scale your business to new levels while eliminating waste and inefficiencies that are wasting your resources. Over the course of 8-12 weeks, we’ll take your business apart, define the discreet systems you have, align everything to your desired outcomes, and eliminate the waste and bottlenecks that are preventing you from achieving the outcomes you want to achieve.

Each week, we’ll have a call where we review the previous week and lay out the action plan for the next week. I’ll help guide you through identifying the biggest barriers in your business that are preventing you from achieving your outcomes. We’ll develop a change plan to make adjustments to existing systems, identify gaps and add systems where needed, and ensure everything aligns with your desired Ultimate Outcomes.

We’ll implement changes and the change management needed to make the new systems become habits.

Once you’re rocking and rolling with your new systems, I’ll be around making sure we realize the improvements you were looking for and that things don’t revert back to “the old way.”

As an added bonus, you’ll get access for 12 months to all of the course material on our resources site.